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Basic Guidelines in Providing Personal Care to Seniors


Seniors are already experiencing the consequences of aging. This includes health deterioration and mobility decline. These challenges make life a little too challenging for them. This is why they could greatly benefit from homecare services in Maryland. Through this, seniors can get well-rounded assistance as they remain in the comfort of their homes.

Getting assistance from others is essential for seniors. Leaving them on their own is risky for their health and safety. This holds true whether they are homebound or not. Their frail condition puts them at greater risk for accidents and health problems. This is why they require round-the-clock homecare in College Park, Maryland. It is the best thing that they can do for their well-being.

When it comes to senior care, one must keep in mind that seniors struggle with daily routines. What seems so easy for others to do can already be too strenuous for them. Other than keeping an eye on them, it is also vital to assist them as much as possible.

Have you ever helped a senior with personal care?

Ensure his/her safety by following these tips:


  • Make the senior feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Prepare clothing for a cover-up.
  • Use durable continence care supplies.
  • Make sure that the bathroom floor is not slippery.
  • Test the water temperature beforehand.

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