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Effective Tips to Promote Hygiene in Seniors


Daily tasks can become more challenging as we age. Maintaining good hygiene habits can be difficult for older adults due to low energy and mobility. Medication side effects, isolation, and fear of falling can also cause seniors to neglect their hygiene. In addition to skilled nursing, in-home caregivers can also assist seniors with hygiene and grooming.

As your trusted provider of homecare in College Park, Maryland, we will share effective tips to promote good personal hygiene in aging adults:

  • Ensure the bathroom is safe.

    Fear of slipping or falling could be a reason why your loved one’s hygiene has declined. To ensure safety in the bathroom, install the right equipment. This may entail handrails or a shower chair in the shower and raised toilet seats. Non-slip mats near the bathtub, shower, toilet, and door can also increase stability.

  • Establish a routine.

    Create a daily hygiene routine to help your loved one get used to performing specific activities like brushing their teeth or showering. Avoid rushing through these tasks and make them more enjoyable by putting on their favorite music and ensuring the water is at a comfortable temperature.

  • Hire professional support.

    If your senior loved one feels more comfortable receiving help from someone who is not a family member, consider hiring professional support. A caregiver can provide personal care to help with many activities of daily living, including personal hygiene and grooming.

MIC Homecare Services is your go-to provider of high-quality homecare services in Maryland. To promote good hygiene and overall wellness, we offer assistance with hygiene tasks, mobility, diet monitoring, meal preparation, and more.

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