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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors


Occupational therapy is a process that helps individuals of all ages with their everyday routines. For older adults, aging can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. From reduced physical health to memory loss, daily tasks can become challenging. In addition to skilled nursing, home care providers also offer occupational therapy to enable healthy aging at home.

As a leading provider of homecare services in Maryland, we will discuss how seniors can benefit from receiving occupational therapy:

  • Increase Independence.

    One of the biggest struggles that seniors face is a loss of independence. Occupational therapists can promote independence to allow them to thrive. Whether a senior is unable to perform tasks like walking down the stairs or is struggling with memory loss, occupational therapy can help.

  • Improve Range of Motion.

    Occupational therapy improves the range of motion with the application of personalized exercises. These exercises are designed to reduce stiffness, increase flexibility, and enhance strength over time. This helps prevent falls and other injuries.

  • Address Vision Loss.

    Occupational therapy can also work on visual and brain exercises to address vision loss. An occupational therapist can provide visual rehabilitation that involves tracking, visual processing, and eye alignment. They can also teach seniors how to use their remaining vision effectively and adjust to their environment.

MIC Homecare Services is a senior care provider specializing in high-quality, reliable homecare in College Park, Maryland. We offer occupational therapy to enable clients to use adaptive equipment, independently perform ADLs, learn safety techniques, and more. Set an appointment with us to discuss our occupational therapy services.

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