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Fall Prevention Strategies to Keep Seniors Safe


Seniors have a huge risk of falling at home because of many factors associated with aging, such as the weakening of the bones, lack of balance, and poor eyesight, among others.

As a provider of home care solutions, allow us to share our expert tips on reducing the risk of falls in the elderly. Here’s how:

  • Improve lighting.

    If the home is slightly dark, add some light fixtures and make sure that every area is well-lit. You should also have regular checkups with an eye care specialist to keep your eyeglasses updated.

  • Hire a professional.

    Personal care attendants, caregivers, or companions can help keep you company while making sure you are safe. They can also help you achieve your daily needs while maintaining your dignity.

  • Keep your home tidy.

    Clean the house regularly and remove any obstacles and tripping hazards along the way. The floors should be free of clutter, spills, wrappers, and cables. Organize your shelves according to necessities.

  • Invest in support devices.

    You can use a walker or cane if you are having difficulties walking. You should also install senior safety devices like handrails and grab bars inside the bathroom as it is where falls most commonly occur.

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