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When Should You See a Physical Therapist?


While it’s true that physical therapy is useful after one has sustained an injury, it is not all there is to it. If you need guidance in identifying scenarios that warrant the help of a physical therapist, we’ve got you!

At MIC Homecare Services, a leading Homecare in College Park, Maryland, we are not only dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community through the services we deliver. We also go to great lengths to supply relevant tips and tidbits that enable people to optimize their health and wellness.

That said, here are signs that you should see a physical therapist:

  • Muscle or joint pain is limiting your approach to being active
    If pain is interfering with daily tasks, such as walking, standing, or climbing stairs, or preventing you from engaging in exercises or workouts, physical therapists can enable you to regain pain-free movement.
  • You have pain that won’t go away
    Rest, ice, compression, and elevation, or R.I.C.E., is a well-known at-home treatment method for muscle or joint discomfort. If you follow these and the discomfort persists, it may be time to seek professional assistance.
  • You want to reduce your risk of future aches and pain
    Many believe that painful joints are an inevitable consequence of aging and the normal wear and tear that comes with it. However, according to doctors, this isn’t always the case; muscle and joint pain may well be avoided by moving properly.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, or perhaps about our skilled nursing services, we would be glad to hear from you anytime.

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